Fyve, the contactless payment wristbands by Transcash Mastercard®

Available in tobacco/press stores and www.transcash.fr



You no longer need your card or smartphone to pay!

The prepaid payment bracelet Fyve allows you to pay with a simple gesture in all stores equipped with contactless payment.

It is used like any contactless payment card, you just have to bring your wrist close to the payment terminal equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality also called ‘Contactless’.

Fyve is the ideal payment method to manage your daily spending independently of your bank account:

More Convenient



Than a payment card or a phone! And you can deactivate it at any time with the Transcash Mastercard application.


Get €5 when you register your bracelet!*


(Offer available until December 31st 2022 included)


The trendy payment accessory that goes everywhere with you


Waterproof and adjustable, the bracelet Fyve is both discreet and original. It adapts to all your summer and winter outings: don’t go out without it! Once on your wrist, the payment bracelet Fyve stays with you all day.

  • Club, festival and disco
  • Cinema
  • Camping
  • Stadium and amusement park
  • Public transport
  • Tolls and parking
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Snacks and food trucks
  • Bakery
  • Tobacco shops
  • Travel abroad…

The payment bracelet Fyve is accepted worldwide at all merchants equipped with a contactless terminal.

Fyve is the ideal payment method for your everyday purchases. Faster and more Practical than paying with your card or your phone!



Loading your bracelet is easy! Load the amount you need:

  • By Transcash top-ups payable in cash at your tobacconist/press (32000 in France)
  • By credit card
  • By wire transfer
  • By immediate transfer between your Transcash cards from the app or on your personal space (heading ‘Reload’).


As with a classic bank card with contactless technology, you can pay with your Fyve bracelet up to 50€ per transaction.


For more security, beyond 150€ of accumulated purchases, you have to connect to the Transcash App to reset your purchase counter. Payments accepted in the entire Mastercard worldwide network!

How does it work?

The Fyve wristband pack contains:

  • 2 interchangeable wristbands (several colors available)
  • 1 Transcash Mastercard® mini payment card

Simply insert the Transcash mini-card into the bracelet you want to wear and adjust it to your wrist.

Then monitor your wristband with the Transcash Mastercard App to load it, view your spending in real time, share money with your friends, and more…

For security reasons, you can lock your bracelet when you travel or when you remove it from your wrist, reassuring no?

ℹ Do you have a Transcash card?
Attention: your Transcash card does not work with the bracelet.
Do not try to cut it to fit the mini-card format, your Transcash card would then be unusable!


Treat yourself to the new trendy bracelet!

An original gift idea to offer to your friends and family




Live a unique interactive experience by regularly scanning the QR code on your bracelet Fyve:


Share your experience with the Fyvers community

Access good deals all year long and follow the Fyve news of your favorite influencers.

🌎 Your bracelet Fyve follows you even abroad…

A trip across the Atlantic? A road trip in Asia? A city trip in a European capital?

Fyve accompanies you everywhere to pay in total freedom!

It’s the new nomadic payment method for your contactless payments in the Mastercard global network.

You can travel to the other side of the world!

With your payment bracelet Fyve, you secure your contactless payments internationally: a great alternative to walking around with your classic bank card, cash and currency!

*Launch offer valid from July 4 to December 31st 2022 included: €5 credited to the Transcash mini-card to be inserted in the Fyve bracelet. Non-cumulative offer limited to one credit of €5 per customer, excluding promotions and special offers.

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