The Transcash virtual card

A virtual card : what is it ?

2 Virtual cards

The Transcash Mastercard® virtual card, valid 6 months, is a dematerialised payment card designed to make purchases on the Internet while limiting the risk of losing a lot of money in the event of fraud or piracy. With no risk of overdraft and reloadable according to your needs, it allows you to treat yourself without exceeding your budget.

It has the same functions as a classic card and benefits from the same level of security, notably with the 3D Secure system, to protect your banking data and authenticate your online payments.

And what about the look? The Transcash eCard has a PAN, an expiry date and a CVV – just like your physical card – only the chip and the magnetic stripe are missing, and the design changes slightly to distinguish it from your physical card.

Why choose the Transcash virtual card?

Advantages of the Transcash Mastercard eCard

  • Accessible to all Transcash customers
  • Immediate use: received in a few minutes!
  • It can’t be lost or stolen
  • Saving card details on your favourite sites without compromising your main card
  • Mobile payment compatible like Google Pay™: no need to take the Transcash card out of the wallet anymore!
Black virtual card

How do e-cards work?

Virtual black card:

this card draws from the same balance as the physical black card, although its number (PAN) is different. If you spend €30 with your virtual card and then €50 with your physical card, you will be debited a total of €80. You thus have a common balance for your two black cards (physical and virtual) that you can continue to top up with cash (coupons), bank card or wire transfer.

Virtual red card:

the virtual red card is available in the Essential and Max packages. You can hold up to 3 red cards – physical or virtual – in your Transcash Pack. Each red card can be used independently of the other cards and has its own balance. If you have a virtual red card, you can convert it into a physical red card at any time (irreversible action).

Red virtual card

This red card, which works by transferring money from the black card, is ideal as a gift to your teenager for purchases on their favourite gaming platforms, applications and e-commerce stores. Don’t forget to transfer their pocket money on it, with parental control parents can personalise the conditions of use of each red card!

Your Google Pay compatible virtual card

As the virtual card is completely dematerialised, you can use it from your mobile phone to make quick and secure payments. All you have to do is add your Transcash virtual card to Google Pay, in just a few clicks, from the Transcash Mastercard application. You will be able to:

Transcash virtual card compatible with Google pay
  • Shop online using Google Pay as your payment method
  • Pay in shops that accept contactless payment and Google Pay, look out for the following symbols in shops:
    Icone sans contact et GGPay

Visit our dedicated page to learn more about Google Pay with Transcash!


Google and Google Pay are trademarks of Google LLC.

Get your virtual card immediately!

Order from your account

Ordering your Transcash Mastercard virtual card is quick and easy:

  • Go to your ‘My Account‘ area:
  • Heading ‘My cards – Buy cards
  • Click on ‘Order‘ in the virtual card field (black or red)
Order my virtual card
Buy your virtual card on your personnal account
Transcash Pack in bias + bubble RIB include to receive my wire bank payments

Not yet a customer? Buy the Transcash Mastercard pack!

To take advantage of the virtual card, you need to buy the Transcash pack online or buy it in a tobacconist’s:

  • 1 Black Card for you reloadable by cash, by bank card and bank transfer
  • 1 Red Card for you to give to the person of your choice (from 13 years old)
  • Send money from card to card immediately and free of charge
  • 1 Mobile application to manage all your cards in real time

Got a question?

The Transcash virtual card looks like a physical one with a 16-digit number, a CVV verification code and an expiration date. This dematerialized version valid 6 months can be used immediately to secure your online purchases.

Go to your customer area, section ‘my cards’, ‘Order’ on the card you want.

Your first virtual card is free! Valid for 6 months, it only costs 1€ to renew or buy an additional virtual card.

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