How do I use Apple Pay?

Log in to the Transcash Mastercard application and click on the ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button on the homepage. Your card will automatically register as you are already authenticated!

You can also open the ‘Wallet’ app on your device and save your Transcash card details so that it can be saved for future purchases online or in-store.

Is Apple Pay secure?

Yes, card and transaction information is encrypted and secure on your device. It is not disclosed to the merchant or Apple. And to make the payment, you need to unlock your iPhone via a code, Face ID or fingerprint.

I can’t add my card to Apple Pay: what should I do?

Check the following – the most common ones:

1.         Is your device compatible with Apple Pay?

2.         Your device must have a lock: code, fingerprint or facial recognition.

3.         Your Transcash card must be functional for purchases, i.e. it must not be locked, expired, lost/stolen or inactive.

4.         You must be in ACCESS (declared identity), ESSENTIAL or MAX! If you are in anonymous ACCESS (without a declared identity),

What if I lose my iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch?

Several things are possible with Apple Pay! From your iCloud account, you can :

– Delete your Transcash cards from your Apple devices

– Remotely wipe your device if ‘Locate my iPhone’ is enabled

– Put your phone device in ‘Lost Mode’ if ‘Locate my iPhone’ is enabled