Can I buy online with my bracelet Fyve?

Yes, a Transcash virtual card is associated with your pack Fyve and allows you to make purchases on the Internet: go to your Transcash space, section ‘Mes cartes’, ‘Gérer mes cartes’ to consult the details of the virtual card of your bracelet.

Is the bracelet Fyve waterproof?

Yes! The contactless payment bracelet Fyve with its mini-card is waterproof, you can therefore swim with it (5 m maximum depth recommended). It also works in extreme temperatures: you can go on holiday in hot countries or skiing for example.

How long can I use the bracelet Fyve?

2 years – Same as a Transcash card! The expiry date of your bracelet’s chip is indicated in your personal space under ‘Mes cartes’, ‘Gérer mes cartes’. When it expires, you can renew it in the same personal space for a validity of 2 years.

Where and how much can I spend with my contactless payment bracelet Fyve?

You can pay in shops with contactless technology (NFC) up to €50/transaction, with a cumulative amount of contactless purchases allowed of €150. For security reasons, ‘contactless’ purchases will be blocked once the €150 cumulative purchase amount is reached. To continue to make payments with the Fyve bracelet, you must connect to the Transcash App or the ‘My account’ space under the heading “My cards – Unblock my contactless purchases” to reset the purchase counter.