What should I do if my Transcash card has been declined?

If a transaction is declined, the merchant or ATM will notify you. To avoid this kind of situation, remember to check your balance regularly.
If your card is still declined despite having funds on it, make sure that you have not exceeded the purchase or withdrawal limit (see limit terms and conditions).
Finally, make sure that a prior withdrawal authorisation has not blocked a larger amount than expected. This is the case, for example,

What should I do if my card has been used fraudulently?

In the case of a distance selling purchase (by telephone, internet or post):

When the transaction relates to a distance selling purchase that you have not authorised, you must write to us specifying the details of the fraudulent transaction (date, amount, merchant). The fraudulent transaction will be cancelled as soon as your letter is registered by our team. However, it is your responsibility to refuse or return any unsolicited goods sent to you by a distance selling company.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Immediately call +33 (0)1 53 88 22 74 (24 hour service) to report the theft or loss of your Black Card or Red Card. All transactions will be blocked immediately. It is very important that you put a stop payment on your Card as soon as you realise it has been lost or stolen as this will minimise your risk of losing money.

The customer advisor will explain how to obtain a new replacement card.