What names appear on the two Transcash cards?

As Transcash Mastercard cards are sold at newsagents and tobacconists, the card holder name cannot be known in advance and does therefore not appear on the card.

On the Essential and Max formulas, you can personalise the card (the card holder name appears instead of ‘Transcash’). To do so, just log in to your account and order your personalised card (see rates)

What’s the difference between a Transcash payment card and a regular bank card?

Unlike a credit card, the Transcash Mastercard prepaid card does not give you access to credit. Your spending is limited to the amount you have loaded onto the Transcash card and is debited immediately. You cannot go overdrawn when making purchases, so there is no risk of having to pay surcharges.

The Transcash Mastercard prepaid card is not linked to a bank account, so you can benefit from the services (secure payment to all Mastercard merchants,

How many Transcash packs can I buy?

The number is limited to one active pack per customer.

Members of your family can each have an active pack in their own name if they are over 18. For each pack purchased, you can activate up to 3 red cards on the ESSENTIAL Formula and on the MAX Formula. The red card can be used from the age of 13.

What is a Transcash pack?

The Transcash pack contains two prepaid Mastercard top-up cards: a Black Card for you and a Red Card to give to the person of your choice in France or abroad.

The Black Card is a prepaid Mastercard top-up card that can be reloaded using Transcash reloads, by bank card or by bank transfer. Like any other Mastercard bank card, you can use it to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for your purchases at any physical or online outlet that accepts Mastercard,

What top-up amounts are available?

You can buy top-ups of €20, €50, €100, €150, €200, €250, and €500.

Be careful not to exceed the maximum amount of reloads allowed per day. To reload €150 onto your card, it is best to use one €150 reload rather than three €50 reloads.

You can also load/reload your Transcash Card by bank card, 24/7 from your personal area.

How do I get my secret code?

You use the 6-digit secret code to log in to your personal area.

  • If you choose to register by SMS or using the Interactive Voice Server, your secret code will be sent to you by SMS as soon as your Black Card is activated (you can change it during your first connection to your online Customer Area)
  • If you choose to register online, you will be asked to choose your own 6-digit secret code
  • If you buy a Transcash pack at transcash.fr using a Transcash reload voucher,

What is the activation code?

The activation code is printed on a specific receipt that is given to you when you buy the Transcash pack at certain retailers, in addition to your store receipt. You will need this 12-digit code to access the card activation service.

If you do not wish to activate your cards immediately, we advise you to make a note of this activation code on a durable medium and keep it in a safe place.