What is the minimum amount for a money transfer?

The minimum amount for a transfer from the black card to a red card is €10.

Please note, a single transfer of up to €150 is allowed when activating the Red Card. In order to increase the limits of the red card (same limits as the black card), make more transfers and make payments and withdrawals throughout the global Mastercard network, the holder of the red card will have to submit his/her valid proof of identity to Transcash by emailing it to [email protected]

Can I make bank transfers to my Transcash card?

Yes. The Transcash Black Card can be reloaded by bank transfer. To do this, go to your online customer area to download the “Reload by bank transfer” form.

The cost of receiving a transfer on the black card is 2% of the amount received.

Receiving a salary or social benefits on the black card by transfer is free of charge.

The maximum time it can take for a transfer to be effective is 4 business days (in practice it takes 24 hours after receipt of the transfer),

Are there any reload limits (with the reload voucher)?

When loading the Black Card with a reload voucher, the following limits apply:

  • On the ACCESS formula (Black Card activated by SMS)
    You are limited to a single top-up of up to €150. Sign up at www.transcash.fr “My Account” to make the most of the ACCESS Formula.
  • On the ACCESS formula (Black Card activated at www.transcash.fr)
    You are limited to €150 per reload. Please note, you can only reload five times per day,

Can anyone other than the person I designated use the Transcash red card?

No. Transcash recommends that only the designated person uses the Red Card with their own signature on the back. For security reasons, he/she and you must be the only people to know the Red Card’s PIN.

In any event, if you or the designated person allow a third party to use the Red Card, you will have sole liability for the transactions made with it and will not be able to stop them.

How can I disable contactless payment?

You can disable (and re-enable) the ‘Contactless’ feature of your Transcash cards. To do so, log in to your personal area, My cards > Manage my cards section, then click on the button:

  • Security settings (for the black card)
  • Parental control (for a red card)

You can also request this by contacting customer service, by calling +33 (0)1 53 88 22 76 (Free Call) or from your personal area,

Can I make contactless payments?

Yes, you can make contactless payments with your black card.

Your black card can be used to make contactless payments (without entering a PIN) of up to €50 per transaction. The cumulative amount of contactless purchases allowed is €150 or 5 consecutive transactions per day. When one of these limits is reached, you must perform a PIN transaction (withdrawal or payment). After a PIN transaction, the “contactless” counter is reset and you can again make contactless payments of up to €50 within the limit of €150 (cumulative amount of contactless purchases) or 5 consecutive transactions.