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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

More than 30 000 Transcash sales points

Find your nearest point of sale from over 30,000 in France and French overseas departments and territories!

Go to your tobacconist and presses, or any other local shop listed on this card to buy the Transcash Mastercard cards, the Fyve bracelet or the 20 to 500 Transcash top-ups used to load your black card or bracelet.

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Why buy in a tobacco-press ?

Staying close to you

The 30,000 outlets are located throughout France, Corsica and the French overseas departments and territories. You’re bound to find a point of sale near you: tabac presse, service station… See our map above!



Because we all need to make a purchase from this type of local shop at some point, push the doors of this outlet and discover Transcash Mastercard® prepaid payment cards and the Fyve bracelet! To load the black card or the bracelet, don’t forget the Transcash top-ups which you can buy at the same time from your tobacconist for immediate use of your means of payment.

Use cards and top-ups immediately

At one of our points of sale, you can buy the Fyve card pack, the Fyve bracelet pack and Transcash top ups for loading money which can be purchased by credit card or in cash. Available in this local store, the cards and wristbands enable you to obtain a means of payment quickly with money credited to it. There’s no obligation to buy a Transcash or Fyve pack, no income requirements and no formalities, so don’t hesitate!


Open a Transcash account in just a few minutes and enjoy all the advantages of a classic bank card, without waiting.


Thanks to the Transcash top up purchased at the same time, you activate your Transcash product and can pay for your online and in-store purchases immediately: there’s no faster way to get a payment solution!

Buy Transcash top-ups in cash

For those who prefer to pay with cash, as is often the case in tobacconists, you can buy your Transcash top ups from €20 to €500 by paying in cash. This secure loading method – the tobacconist issues a code to be entered on your Transcash Mastercard space or application – allows you to credit money immediately to your Fyve card or bracelet.

Transcash top-ups, valid for 1 year, can be found at tobacconists’ cash desks, so you have a wide choice of outlets for loading. Hurry to your nearest one!

To use your Transcash top-up, load it onto your Transcash Mastercard!

Do not communicate the Transcash top-up code to a third party and do not check it on a website: there is no no Transcash top-ups verification site.

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