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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

Send money between Transcash cards

You want to send money to a relative? Your are travelling abroad and need money transferred to you?

You can send money immediately and free of charge with all Transcash Mastercard® cards, anywhere in the world. At any time, you can make the equivalent of an account-to-account transfer instantly and free of charge. We explain everything below!

Partage d'argent entre amis Transcash Mastercard

Sending money with Transcash payment cards : how it works?

The Transcash Mastercard® package is accepted worldwide. It includes :

> 1 black card from 18 years old

reloadable by credit card, by Transcash top ups from €20 to €500 available from a tobacconist or by wire transfer.

> 1 red card from 13 years old

for you or a loved one, reloadable by money transfer from the black card in ESSENTIAL and MAX formulas.

The cards can be used for in-store and online payments anywhere in the world, with no risk of overdraft. They are not linked to any banking institution: your account is independent!

And unlike traditional bank cards, you can send money instantly and safely to another Transcash card or bracelet Fyve.

The transfer is made from the black card to the red card in the same pack, or from one black card to another. It is also possible to send money between one card and another Fyve payment wristband.

Transfer money easily with Transcash

Your transfers between cards on the free app

The money transfer with your bankless card works with the ESSENTIAL or MAX formula and is carried out from your personal space or the Transcash Mastercard application available on Apple Store or Google Play :

You can track your transactions, top up, change formulas free of charge and transfer money from card to card – between black cards in different packs, or to red cards in the same pack.

And voilà, the transfer is instantaneous: it’s like making an immediate transfer from one account to another. Sending money online from France and abroad is easy with Transcash!

You need to authenticate yourself to log in to your areas, just as you do when accessing your bank account. With your login and password, you enter a personalized environment where you can carry out secure transactions between Transcash payment cards.

Transfert d'argent sans frais dans le monde entier

Share money with no fees all around the world

With your Transcash card, you can send money in France or abroad, to a recipient with a Transcash card (black or red, from the same pack or not) anywhere in the world.

Using the funds in your account, you transfer money to your recipient without worrying about whether he or she is in Europe or anywhere else in the world. The transaction costs you nothing: international, French or European transfer, you benefit from a fast money transfer!

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can transfer funds abroad in few clics.

And bonus with this bankless card : you can top-up the card and it’s just like sending cash, and the recipient can then withdraw the money.

Transfert de carte à carte immédiat et sans frais

Send instant money transfers to a Transcash debit card

To transfer money from one card to another, all you need are black or red Transcash prepaid payment cards, or a Fyve contactless payment wristband. As you can see, you can send money between your own cards, or to a friend or relative with a Transcash Mastercard.

Also note that with a pack, you can hold up to 3 red cards to make instant transfers between ‘accounts’. You can buy up to 2 additional red cards from your personal space, in the ESSENTIAL or MAX packages. Ideal for sending money to friends and family, but especially for managing pocket money for children aged 13 and over.

These red cards are physical means of payment, but you can also make these transfers from a Transcash virtual card. These dematerialized cards are valid for 6 months and benefit from the same functionality as physical cards, under the same conditions.

Transfert de carte à carte immédiat et sans frais
Secure pack de cartes Transcash Mastercard

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