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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
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2 international cards of payment and withdrawal

1 black card from age 18 + 1 red card from age 13

  • Payments and withdrawals all over the world
  • 1 IBAN to receive transfers, salaries and social benefits
  • Reloadable by Transcash top ups (at all tobacconists), credit card or wire transfer
  • Instant and no fees money share between cards*
  • Apple Pay / Google Pay compatible
  • Real-time transaction monitoring on your personal space and on the App
  • Phone customer service available 6 days a week by email or phone (call not surcharged)

* From black card to red card


Icons for payment methods

What is the Transcash pack ?

Bankless cards with no income requirements


Supplied in a 2-card pack, Transcash Mastercard® reloadable prepaid payment and cash withdrawal cards are valid for 2 years and operating in the worldwide Mastercard network.

  • 1 black card from 18 years old + 1 red card from 13 years and up.
  • Mobile Application : Yes – Free on Android and Apple
  • Contactless payments : Yes
  • International payments : Yes (Mastercard worldwide network)
  • ATM withdrawals : Yes
  • 3D Secure : Yes
  • Mobile Payment : Yes (Apple Pay / Google Pay™)
  • Money transfer : Yes (between Transcash cards)
  • Virtual card : Oui – the 1st is free
  • Lock/unlock remotely : Yes
*Essential or MAX formula

The pack contains 2 cards :


  • 1 black card rechargeable by Transcash top ups available in + than 30 000 sells points (tobacconist/press), by credit card, by wire transfer or by money transfer between Transcash cards – available from age 18
  • 1 red card rechargeable by money transfer from a Transcash black card – available from age 13
  • Accessible to all and immediately usable at the point of sale: no formalities and no income requirements
  • No bank and no constraints: no commitment, no agios and no banker’s call.
  • Flexible top-up: choose your top-up method and even pay in cash top-ups at tobacconists, so you can load your cards as you like!
  • Confidentiality: cards are not linked to any bank account and are not nominative.
(nominative cards available on order)

Opening a Transcash account couldn’t be easier:


  1. 1. Buy the pack on our website or directly from your tobacconist. No proof of income is required to use our cards!


  1. 2. Activate the black card and choose your formula. All you’ll need for ESSENTIAL and MAX is proof of identity (+ video selfie or postal address validation).


  1. 3. Load the card with Transcash reloads, credit card or bank transfer and enjoy!

Once you have your Transcash card, you need to activate it and choose your formula:


  • ACCESS without proof of identity: load up to €150/month and spend at merchants in France only (excluding French overseas departments and territories, in 1 single purchase theme of your choice)


  • ESSENTIAL with ID: load up to €2,500 / year, spend and withdraw worldwide


  • MAX with ID and video selfie or postal address validation: load up to €10,000/month, spend and withdraw worldwide


The Transcash Black Card is powered by Transcash reload, credit card and bank transfer.


Do you only have cash? Ask your tobacconist for a Transcash top-up of the desired value, from €20 to €500 (€150 maximum in ACCESS formula), enter the code in your “My account” space or the application and make your purchases and withdrawals straight away!

Send money immediately and free of charge to a loved one or your children: the economical solution!


Transcash cards are ideal for sharing money with a loved one anywhere in the world: you can transfer money between cards in France and abroad immediately and free of charge from the “My account” area or the mobile application!


You can choose to transfer money between your own cards, or between friends (between black cards) who own a Transcash card.


The red card, available from age 13, is also ideal for managing your children’s pocket money. With customizable parental controls, you can manage your children’s spending and give them the autonomy they want.


The Transcash card pack includes 1 red card, but you can order up to 2 additional red cards to give to family members or friends (order from your personal space).

Our services include

Free mobile application

Manage your Transcash cards (black and red) from the Transcash Mastercard Application or your secure 'My Account' account: check your spending in real time, top up your cards, send money...

Customer service on phone 6d/7

Our advisors can be reached Monday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on 01 53 88 22 76.

2 cartes de paiement et retrait Transcash Mastercard

Mobile Payment (NFC)

Log in to the app and add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay - it's free and secure!

Money transfer

Send money to friends and family, anywhere in the world, free of charge, with Transcash card-to-card or Fyve card-to-wristband transfers.

Discover our Transcash cards

Duo bracelets de paiement sans contact Fyve corail et blanc

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