the whole family’s money easily

Share money between family cards

Payment and withdrawal cards accepted in the global Mastercard® network

➝ 1 Black Card for parents

Reload with cash at a newsagent or by bank card and bank transfer (account details provided)

➝ 1 Red Card for each child (from age 13)

Reload with money transfers from your black card

Teach your children how to manage their pocket money!

The black card

for parents

Bank-free card, totally separate from your bank accounts

Reload with cash at your newsagent or by bank card and bank transfer (account details provided) in your online customer area

Purchases and Withdrawals allowed in the global Mastercard® networklike an international bank card

Manage the whole family’s budget in real timewith the Transcash black card!

Black card parents

How do you load your black card?

icone espèces


Transcash top ups from €20 to €500 sold at shops (Tobacconists and Newsagents)

icone carte credit ordinateur


From your “My Account” area or the Transcash Mastercard® mobile app

icone virement argent


Receive your salary, social benefits or any other transfer

The red card

for children

from age 13

Secure your children’s pocket money

Give them more independence while staying in control of their spending

Zero overdraft

Customisable parental control

Free mobile app

Reload each child’s card remotely, in real time!

Red Card 13 Year old child
3 red cards Transcash

Have more than one child?

Order additional red cards directly via your “My account” area, “My cards” section!

Up to 3 red cards per Transcash Pack.

Order additional red cards

How do you load

your children’s red cards?

Transcash mobile application and personal space



From the Transcash Mastercard® mobile app or your “My Account” area.

Money transfer between cards

Send money


Send your children money as soon as they need it

Transfer money between cards immediately with no fees

Purchases and Withdrawals allowed in the global Mastercard® network like an international bank card

Manage the whole family’s cards remotely, in real time with the Transcash Mastercard ® mobile app

Transcash Mastercard App on App Store
Transcash Mastercard App on Google Play Store

Manage your budget

in real time

With your online Customer Area and the Transcash Mastercard Mobile App.

Load your black card, check your account statement, view your spending and send money to your loved ones.

multi screen mobile and computer
parental control red card transcash

Customisable Parental


Allow or forbid your children to use their card for certain types of spending

– Cash withdrawals at ATMs

– Contactless Payments

– Payments for products/services intended for adults only (tobacco, online gambling, bars, etc.)

Remotely Enable/Disable features for each card

Help your children manage their money as independent and responsible individuals

Everyone can spend their money as they wish

Outings and Leisure (Cinema, Fast Food, Museums, Concerts, etc.)

Transport (Scooter, Bike, Chauffeur-driven Vehicles, Bus, Metro, Train, etc.)

Shopping (Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, etc.)

High-Tech (phones, tablets, accessories, etc.)

Music (Instruments, Audio Streaming, etc.)

Games and Apps (Video games, in-app purchases, etc.)

Television (VOD, Streaming, Pay channels, etc.)

Games and Betting (Sports, Online Gaming and Casinos, etc.)

Transcash cards are accepted at your favourite shops and websites

4 Transcash Mastercard

Thousands of satisfied customers already

Why not you?


The Transcash Pack

1 Black Card for parents

1 Red Card to give to your child or other person of your choice (Order up to 2 additional red cards in your customer area)

1 mobile app to manage the whole family’s money in real time

FREE Customer Service by phone and email

Reloads from €20 to €500 available at over 30,000 sales outlets (tobacconists and newsagents)

Pack 2 Transcash Mastercard

Pocket money in cash is a thing of the past!