Manage your budget without going broke with Transcash!

It’s possible to be reasonable and still not to resist the latest promotions from your favorite boutique. Oh despair: it’s only the 10th, and your account is looking bad!

How do you keep going out and shopping until the following month? With Transcash Mastercard®, Nour shows you how to define and control your budget for shopping, going out, leisure activities and more.

I load my card as I spend during the month

Transcash offers multiple ways to top up your prepaid black card. By credit card, bank transfer or cash and online Transcash top-ups : you can manage your cash like a modern piggy bank. Nour explains the advantages to her friend:

Géron son argent Nour

I do not risk to be overdrawn

Nour explains that she has several tools at her disposal:

...And I can easily monitor my budget thanks to the transaction history

Manage your budget with Transcash