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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

My practical holidays with my Fyve bracelet !

When you’re on holiday, you don’t want to be bothered, and because you’re often out for many activities, you’re always worrying about your credit card and your phone.

So many stress to avoid with the Fyve bracelet, the accessory for every holiday: summer and winter!

My holidays with complete peace of mind thanks to contactless payment

Before going on holiday, Betty took stock of her budget and means of payment. She put money on her Transcash Mastercard® to pay for certain expenses abroad, but above all, she loaded up her Fyve bracelet for her expenses in shops!

Now that she’s here with her husband Paul and their children, they’re ready to make the most of these exotic moments of relaxation…

Sitting on the beach, she decides to take a dip in the water.
She swims and relaxes without stress because she doesn’t have to worry about her card, which is still at the hotel. As her Fyve bracelet is waterproof, she can shower, go swimming and pay in complete peace after that.

Speaking of purchases, Betty has a hankering:

And off she goes! There she is, getting out of the water and paying for her ice cream with her wristband: it’s quick and practical.

Plage bracelet Fyve waterproof

Party outings are on with my Fyve bracelet

Eliott, who is with his parents and a friend, hasn’t forgotten about the parties! He too has his Fyve bracelet, which he regularly tops up with the amount he wants. He can choose from a number of ways to top up :
Transcash top-up vouchers: can be bought in cash at over 30,000 points of sale in France and French overseas departments and territories, or on transcash-recharge.com
Credit or debit card: directly from your personal space or the Transcash Mastercard application
Wire transfer: use the bank details provided to receive money on your wristband (ESSENTIAL and MAX packages)
Transfer money between Transcash cards and bracelets: it’s immediate and free, anywhere in the world!

Après avoir vérifié le solde de son bracelet sur l’Application Transcash Mastercard et réinitialisé son compteur d’achats sans contact, il est prêt à s’amuser : direction le bar du club et discothèque ensuite !

Paiement sans contact bracelet Fyve TPE

During winter my bracelet goes to the mountains to ski!

Eliott continues:

Sport d'hiver montagne avec mon bracelet Fyve