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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

You can count on Transcash, the online gamer's card !

Eliott’s thing at the moment is online games, and he sometimes plays with his friends in multi-player mode. The Transcash prepaid Mastercard® lets him manage his online gaming budget with ease, so he can afford – why not – a vacation in the sun…

In gaming  with Transcash : I manage without damage!

Imagine a room, a large table and several players. There’s no emotion in their eyes. Eliott is part of this online tournament!

He checks his assets and waits his turn. He can see he’s got something to win…

That’s the worst-case scenario for a gamer. The gaming world is fierce, and you have to stick to a set budget to avoid losing your feathers.

Outsider or favorite, anything can happen. So keeping your money under control is essential. Whether for debit or credit, Transcash rechargeable prepaid cards allow Eliott to indulge in complete security:

Lock or unlock the card

Zero overdraft: once you’ve spent your money, there’s no agios on the horizon!

No need to pretend for Eliott, he’s happy and it shows: he can quickly activate his Transcash reloadable card and play in total security, without having to answer to his banker.

Multiplayer mode activated with Transcash money transfer

Fortnite, Clash of clans, League of Legends… Eliott loves video games and role-playing games for group play. So when he needs to pay online to get through the game levels faster, the Transcash card is secure and offers a good alternative to his main card for not exposing his bank details:

Jonathan, a friend of Eliott's, slips into his headset:

As simple as a text message, he transfers money from black card to black card in 30 seconds: “Phew, he saved the game” – the smart kid found another way to top up his Transcash card!

Forecast: Transcash pack wins tournament

“I don’t have to keep an eye on my bank account any more, I just put my online gaming money on my Transcash and manage my balance in real time. I can top up with cash, card or wire transfer, or even have money transferred to me using another Transcash card: it’s quick and easy!” Eliott finally wins the tournament, pays back his friend and says: