Top-up your Mastercard® with your salary

Who said you had to have a bank account to make everyday expenses?

Paul shares with us the advantages of the Transcash card with which he decides to top-up his salary and also get certain social benefits – without the constraints of a bank!

I receive wire transfers from my account or from a third party

Transcash Mastercard bankless cards offer the flexibility of a traditional card, with the option of doing a wire transfer top-up and transferring money (salary, RSA, allowance, pension, etc.) in France or abroad, on a regular or occasional basis.

Paul discovered this very advantageous method of transferring money because he didn’t want to be dependent on a bank. In discussion with his friend Mateo, he explains:

Voyage partout dans le monde avec la carte Transcash

I top-up my salary  free of charge with my Transcash bank details

Paul can make a transfer from one of his accounts or from a third party, whether a relative, a company or an institution for example using the Transcash prepaid card :

Intrigued, Mateo continues to think:

I provide supporting documents and it's done: easy!

As with all systematic wire transfers, Paul provides certain documents. Any transfer from a bank account where the sender is not the account holder must be justified, specifying the Transcash pack number. And everything is easily managed in his personal Transcash space, under the heading “Loading by wire transfer” :

Mateo smiles in delight of his Transcash discovery